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Fall and Settling into a Routine September 24, 2015

Now that Seamus and Gilbert have been in school for three weeks, it finally feels like we are settling down with this fall. I went through huge bags of hand me downs to see what would work for the boys, what would fit in their drawers, and what they would probably wear. They’ve been delighted with their new stuff.

I’ve been able to get some work done on curriculum stuff that I’ve been thinking about for a few years, but haven’t been clear enough on the details or felt empowered enough to do. So I’m proposing a course in Ethnic Literary Traditions (that will be a rotating topics course) for English, and I’m also working on a revision to the Gender and Society minor that is long overdue. It will be nice if these go through because it will mean that more students can do the minor and that we can all teach more of the things we like and are good at teaching. Plus, it will just be fun to have some new things on the horizon.

The weather has finally turned off beautiful, and we’re getting nice crisp fall mornings and warm afternoons. The boys love to play in the morning before they get on the bus (a good thing, because there’s just not as much daylight in the evening, and soon to be less). Their activities are getting into swing. They both have Mandarin and Spanish one day a week. I let them choose an activity they wanted to try from the community center offerings. Seamus chose basketball, and Gilbert chose acting. Unfortunately, the acting class was cancelled for low enrollment, so he decided to give chess a try. Porter is doing a music class. He went the first time on Monday, and I joined him. He loved the maracas, liked the scarves, and was intrigued by the drums. He picked up the flow of the class, and while he wasn’t crazy about returning his exciting instruments to the box, he realized that was what was expected, so he was a good sport about it. It’s a little busy, but I think it’s important that they choose or choose not do an activity that they are interested in. We still have lots of time for basketball, bikes, scooters, and unstructured play in the cul-de-sac, reading and games at home, and bizarre (to me and Patrick) interactions the boys dream up with each other.

And…Porter’s up. Writing time is up.


One Response to “Fall and Settling into a Routine”

  1. Linda Says:

    I hope Gilbert gets another opportunity to give acting a try.

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