The Ocean

Here we are at the beach for a last summer hurrah. The boys wanted to play Monopoly and go bowling. We said no to both, for a bit, anyway.

In the meantime, we told them that the thing we’d be doing was going to the beach! At first, they didn’t want to, so I didn’t make them put on suits, thinking we’d just stroll along the beach. Big mistake. As soon as they saw the water, they wanted to be in it. Porter even tried to go out with them. All three were soaked. So we came home, put on suits, and went back in the afternoon. Porter was not such a fan in the afternoon, but the older boys really enjoyed bodysurfing the waves. Gilbert was doing a little dance for each wave. We had a successful day at the beach, but again today, they’re reluctant to go back. However, their aunt and uncle are here and I understand, they want to check out the hotel pool that boasts a slide.

Yesterday, we tried to go to the zoo for a bit, but there was no parking! That was a shock for us because we’ve normally been to the zoo here to find that there’s actually nobody there. I realize that we usually go in November for that particular event.


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