Bike Camping, Bath Time, and Books

Hello there. I’ve been neglecting the blog. It’s August, a month I generally find intolerable in many ways, so I’m just glad I’m getting up to face another day.


At the Nats Game. Porter got a ball!
At the Nats Game. Porter got a ball!

The older boys and Patrick loaded up the tandem and went bike camping on the C&O Canal. They rode down the towpath til they came to the first campsite and, luckily, it was available. They had a cool 58 degree night and a quick ride home in the morning.

The Boat that might have a future!
The Boat that might have a future!

Look at all that gear!

Porter has been hating bath time. He likes going in the bathroom, but the second I start running the water and stripping him down, he starts screaming. He comes around while we sing the “Wheels on the Bus” with the different bath toys, but he’s still deeply suspicious, and rightly so. When I have to put him in the water to wash his hair, he takes it up a notch, utterly betrayed! Unfortunately, his distaste for bath time coincides with his new phase of rubbing all his messiest food in his hair. I hope he gets over this soon.

The last two books I read were really engrossing literary fiction: The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach and Astonish Me by Maggie Shipstead. One was about a small college and their star baseball player and the other was about ballet dancers in the 70s-90s New York in the era of Soviet and Cuban defectors. I don’t know a lot about baseball or ballet, but I found both books thoroughly enjoyable. I love getting in a couple of good reads before the semester starts, and I’m beholden to the reading I thought would be fun back in April when I chose my booklists!

Also on the topic of books, both S & G completed their summer reading for the library. They were eager to turn in their sheets on the first day and pick up their free books. Seamus is very enamored with the coupon book he got as an “independent reader” which mostly entitles him to small amounts of sugar and trinkets around town. The Local Market does have a basket of fruit for the kids to pick a piece, though.


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