Quick Updates Because I’m Tired

Here are some quick updates. No pictures because we’re down our main computer which is in the shop, and it’s the only one that uploads pictures to the blog.

  1. I taught Seamus and Gilbert how to play Carcassone. They are 6 and almost 5. They both like this game a lot, and it’s one game I can stand to play over and over. I’m thrilled that they are starting their German game addiction with something I can play too. I don’t allow them to play with the pieces in their room, and we have to play when Porter is napping, but that all works out. Makes it more alluring, if anything.
  2. Patrick and I have switched off reading Sideways Stories from Wayside School and Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing to Seamus and Gilbert. They’ve loved these books. I remember teachers reading them to us as kids and how much we enjoyed them. They’re good for reading aloud.
  3. Gilbert often breaks things. However, he loves to fix things. The other day, he used a screwdriver to unscrew one of Porter’s toys, replaced the batteries, and screwed it back in. All fixed! He was so proud of himself.
  4. We got a bunkbed for the boys. We figured, if Gilbert is starting Kindergarten, he needs a real bed, not a toddler bed. They like it, because now they have enough room for a small desk that is higher than Porter can reach.
  5. Porter is still trucking along with walking, thinking about talking, trying new foods (mostly he senses if we are having something we’re trying to hide from him). His most annoying behavior by far is waking up between 4-5 am; but a second would be going from a baby that Patrick claims was “just great” to a fussy, dramatic mess the minute I walk in the door.
  6. We caught a Nats game. Porter got a ball. He didn’t throw it back, like Gilbert did once. He did freak out when a foul ball came flying toward us! Don’t worry, it was snatched from the air by a man in the dugout. We think his talent is judging speeds and trajectories of balls and other objects invading his space. A good defensive strategy.
  7. I had a break trough in my yoga practice. I hate the splits, but my teacher had told me to do them as a warm up to some other poses. It was making me tense through all the other warm ups knowing that the splits were coming and that I’d have to suffer through them. Then I decided not to resist the warm ups, but to relax into them and just let them be. The mental shift made all the difference. Warm up was much more effective. If you needed further proof that yoga is far more than a physical practice…

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