Converting Velcro Bum Genius to Snaps

I got my snap fastener! It’s a little disappointing. The first diaper I did, one set of snaps fell out completely. Then Gilbert was messing around with the fastener and tightened something. It worked better, but still not perfectly. Then I gave up for awhile. I will say ripping the velcro out was extremely satisfying. I think I like taking things apart better than putting them together. Who doesn’t?

I came back to it, having not finished the diaper, but wanting to fix Seamus’s PJs which is the reason I got the fastener in the first place. They were holding okay when I put them in, but the next morning, they wouldn’t snap at all! Patrick looked at it and decided I hadn’t exerted enough force to smoosh the center part down enough and it was interfering with the snapping. He tried it, and lo and behold, it snapped fine. However, I don’t think it will come unsnapped very easily now!

I went back to the diaper, armed with a new determination to really put some effort into the snapping. I had used a fabric marker to mark where the snaps should go, and I used an awl to poke holes in the fabric. I did manage to get the snaps in with more effort, and none fell off this time. It killed my hand. I’ll probably have permanent carpal tunnel. It’s a good thing the new can opener I got is designed for people with carpal tunnel, because I’ll be there soon. Anyway. I now have a fully functional diaper where I didn’t before! Only 17 more to go.


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