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Porter at One Year July 24, 2015

Filed under: Third Baby — leighj @ 10:37 am

Well, Porter has been busy turning one!

At one year, he walks about three steps, can get down from the couch himself, feeds himself large amounts of table foods, and loves to try new things. He likes eggplant parm, homemade bread, pancakes, spinach lasagne, avocado, hummus, and beans. But he’s pretty chill and will try most things, unless he thinks he can get a laugh from not trying them. When he refused cottage cheese the other day, the other boys thought it was hilarious (mostly because he’d open his mouth, and right before I got there with it, he shut his mouth and turn away). Once he realized he was making them laugh, he didn’t take another bite of cottage cheese!

He signs more, all done, and milk. He says Mama, Dada, Hi, and Nuhnuh (nurse). He grins when you get it, and give him what he’s trying to get, and he gets progressively louder if he’s denied what he wants.

He had his one year visit yesterday, and he’s 22 lbs (just exactly the same size that Seamus was at one year). He got his shots and cried for 30 seconds. He’s just not one that you can keep down for long.

A few days old

A few days old

Almost a year.

Almost a year.



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