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Adventures in Flying and in Kentucky July 9, 2015

I’m in Kentucky with the three kids so that Patrick can work on his big project with Ford’s Theatre and the DC Public Library. I had to fly here with the kids, which is always better than driving with the kids by myself. We flew US Air from DCA to BNA, and those jets are puddle jumpers with two and two seats. Getting through security was not a big deal, as the line was short and people were mostly not in a hurry.

The luckiest break was on the plane with the person assigned to the other seat in our row. He had a bag full of subtraction worksheets for his daughter, who is six. Seamus ate his bagel and warmed up, and they two of them did math problems for the whole flight. That was nice because Gilbert was taking pictures out of the airplane window and Porter did not sleep and was pretty squirrel-y.

We got off the plane and were walking down the terminal when the boys saw my dad and took off running to give him a big hug. It was pretty cute. I said, “Well, I’ve never been so happy to see you.” It was fine; there were a few snafus (involving an escalator, one involving the stroller) but overall, it was pretty simple.

The boys were pretty excited to get here. They’ve got new bicycles from Granny and Grandaddy, complete with Spiderman and TMNT helmets. The bikes are a size up from their regular bikes, but they’re mostly riding on grass, so it’s fine. They also have gotten pretty good at riding, so they seem up for the challenge. My mom cut my hair, and we trimmed Porter’s just a bit.

One of the fun things is that my brother can visit. Bret came down from Lexington, and managed to arrive during the witching hour yesterday to revitalize the whole process. He pretended to eat nits off the boys’ heads, which they thought was hilarious. Then he played Monopoly with Seamus and talked to Gilbert.

Gilbert, Seamus, and my dad dug potatoes yesterday morning. They probably got 50lbs. and then washed them in the rain buckets. Gilbert said, “Grandaddy, it’s a good thing you wrote me a letter to say we were going to dig potatoes, because I’ve been thinking about it.” Gilbert’s doing well; a couple of tantrums, but he recovers quickly. Porter likes climbing the stairs and unlimited avocado. Seamus is thrilled that they got a brand new Monopoly game for his playing pleasure.

It’s funny being here. I haven’t been out and about much, but I did go to WalMart (eww) yesterday. Turned out to be a good choice, because I ran into my really good friend from high school with her three boys. She was visiting her folks too. We read each other’s blogs, but we didn’t know we were both going to be here. She’s left yesterday, but what a treat to see her. Her boys are 11, 10, and 7 and they are on an epic road trip. It gives me hope for the future!


One Response to “Adventures in Flying and in Kentucky”

  1. Erin Peters Says:

    It was fun to run into you! I wish our trips had overlapped more so we could have gotten together. Hopefully someday we’ll be able to get together and catch up

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