One Thing After Another

Well, we no sooner got back from our trip to our immaculate house (which we had left so clean for our neighbors to stay a couple of nights while we were gone) that I discovered the little nits on Seamus’s head. Oh yes. It was a mess.

We shaved both of the older boys’ heads. Then Patrick looked at my head. There they were. It wasn’t feasible to shave my head, so he spent hours on my hair. I’ve used NIX, Listerine, Conditioner/Baking Soda/Tea Tree Oil (which made me throw up from the smell and dried my hair out), and just plain conditioner. Patrick’s been through it three times, the college girl across the street once, me once, and my mom once. I feel hesitant to say we’re done, but I’m feeling more hopeful today.

Porter and Patrick didn’t get it. I have no idea how they escaped, and we’ve been checking daily to make sure.

I guess it’s particularly discouraging because it’s probably not the last time the boys will get it, but I really hope I never do again.


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  1. Leigh, when Patrick had head lice at Disney World at about 8 years old, we used Nix over and over, and when we got home to DC were told by the pharmacist that Rx lice treatment is the only one that works for sure. And it did. We were at my Mother’s house in FL…and she was an immaculate housekeeper. And Denise was there too. You can imagine the kerfuffle!! And this time, I should have counted the wash loads…haha!! Nana

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