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Gorgeous–National Seashore and MiniGolf June 25, 2015

We continue to have a good time, marked with lots of highs (and a few lows). Our trip up to the National Seashore visitors center was fantastic. Porter fell asleep in the car, so Patrick stayed with him while S, G, & Grandude and I went up to the visitors’ center. There were shells to touch and salt water marshes to look at, but very exciting (and surprisingly so) was the museum! There was a watu model, which is the house of the Wampanoag people. There was a baby cradle and high chair from the 1800s. There was a wooden spoke bicycle, but the most interesting was a cannon that shot a line to a sinking boat, and then they could attach a zip line life preserver to it to shuttle people to safety. This was particularly interesting for the boys after their adventures on the zip line at the house we’re staying at for the week. We could have stayed a bit longer, but it started to get crowded from the tour buses unloading.

In the parking lot, Seamus and Gilbert enjoyed hunting for the different license plates on the cars. We got on the bicycles to ride out 3 miles on a bike trail to the lighthouse and beach. It was beautiful and windy, so we got a few good pictures. There was a dead crab involved! Porter woke up and loved the ride as much as the others.  We had hoped to catch a baseball game Tuesday evening, but it rained a good storm, which was good viewing in and of itself.

On Wednesday, Patrick and I took all the boys to the beach. Seamus and Gilbert played with the boogie board and got buried in the sand. It’s a little hard for Gilbert because Seamus is bigger and able to do more. He was particularly frustrated the other day, and when that happens, it’s often nice to spend some individual time with the kids. HA! That went massively awry. I thought G had gotten over his tantrum somewhat, but he gave me a massive one when we went for a walk on a busy road. I had to manhandle and carry him home because I couldn’t get my strategies to work, and where we were was so dangerous that I wasn’t thinking very clearly. But, food and rest and he was sunny and delightful again.

We had to institute quiet time (not as punishment) because vacation is busier than our regular lives! They seemed almost relieved to have some time to not compete or perform. They were raring to go afterwards, so Grandude and Grandma took them out for some mini-golf. They both got a hole in one, but Kevin said they were very sad to have their balls disappear on the last hole. Patrick built a campfire for s’mores last night. Gilbert wanted to know if his ax was around for making kindling for the fire. (Hmm…somehow we forgot to bring an ax on the trip…)

All in all they’ve gotten filthy and had a blast. There’s been some competing and attention grabbing, but that’s to be expected when the routine is all new.


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