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Cape Cod Travels, or Summer Launched June 23, 2015

We delayed leaving for Cape Cod until Saturday morning, which I’m really glad we did. Leaving the DC area on Friday afternoon is a guarantee that you’ll sit in lots of traffic for a long time. We also had one last soiree with our neighbors, with popsicles and water guns that meant that the boys didn’t want to leave so early. The next morning, we put everything on the car–clothes, bikes, baby seats, and more. (Actually, we didn’t pack that much stuff. I think we packed more the weekend we to the cabin.

The driving was perfect. We were kind of worried because we were making such good time. I looked at google traffic, and I think everyone was headed to southern beaches, as there was red and yellow headed south but not north. The only snag was that I neglected to turn on the GPS in time, so we missed the exit for the Garden State Parkway, and we were headed toward the George Washington Bridge, but traffic was starting to get terrible, so we bailed out and went up the Palisades Parkway to the Tappan Zee Bridge. It was so cool to see the Hudson peeking out from between the trees. I thought the mountain house driveway would make me ralph, but these driveways would have definitely been vomit inducing.

We got to John and Denise’s house, and what a spread! Delicious–french toast, fresh berries from the garden, spinach strata. We also came in like a flock of aphids and devoured everything in sight. Coco the dog was hilarious. Porter thought he was a hoot; laughing like crazy whenever the dog licked him. Seamus was nervous about the dog, but warmed up before the day was over. Gilbert could not wait to go outside and pick some strawberries. He bounced all over the house waiting. Funny enough, the boys will try lots of things when they are persuaded by the gardener. John grows chives, tarragon, oregano, rosemary, and maybe something else that I can’t remember. Seamus (who normally won’t touch an onion) couldn’t cram enough chives in his mouth.

After a nice visit, we headed off to Shelton, CT–home of wiffleball–to grab our hotel for the evening. When I booked it, I thought, oh nice, an outdoor pool. But it was pretty cold when we got there, about 68 degrees. Seamus and Gilbert were dying to go swimming, so we said, “Sure, but we’re not going in with you.” To their credit, they put on bathing suits and jumped right in. They didn’t stay in long.

We arrived on the Cape Sunday morning, after a harrowing drive through tropical storm Bill. Lovely though, when we got here. The house is spacious and well-stocked with lots of games for Seamus to try out. Porter is climbing the stairs for the first time. Gilbert found a little Gilbert room under the stairs to play in.

Bike riding and the beach were big hits yesterday. But a big big hit is the zipline in the backyard. Seamus goes by himself, but Gilbert likes someone to spot him. There’s a pond and a paddle boat that we might take out soon; however, we will have to be vigilant about bug spray and tick checks. I found a tick behind Porter’s ear last night, and he was the only one who wasn’t outside all day…that means he probably got it from my clothes or Gilbert dropped on on the floor and Porter crawled over it.

Today, I think we’re going to try the National Seashore and more bike riding. It’s beautiful biking weather. We also, going with the weather, might try for a farm league baseball game tonight. Meanwhile, Seamus is downstairs playing an epic game of Monopoly by himself.


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