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Time with Friends June 21, 2015

As we all know…I like a busy social schedule.

Leaving aside the wedding, we joined some of our friends at their pool on Friday night a week ago. It was all set to be a beautiful evening–we had a good spot right next to the diving board, a bunch of Modelo Especial in cans, lots of snacks…and then it started thundering.

When we got to the pool, Seamus saw our friends’ son going off the diving board. Seamus is usually a little timid, but he likes to do what E does. So he immediately decided he was going to go off the diving board. Looking back, I wonder if we should have just let him try it. But we told him that as he had never jumped off without goggles and propelled himself to the ladder that he would have to practice before going off the diving board. About the time he was ready to jump in, the lifeguards called for adult swim. During adult swim, it started thundering. He was so disappointed. It was a close to a tantrum as he usually gets.

However, it meant that I took him and Gilbert swimming four of the last six days at their grandfather’s townhome pool. He has made tremendous progress–very determined and methodical progress–toward his now single-minded goal of going off the diving board. I think he’s ready. Gilbert too has made progress. I reduced the air in his floaties so he has to work his arms harder. He used to want to hold my hand to jump in everytime, and I was pushing him a little to go by himself. Finally, on day three of swimming, he was ready to jump by himself. He’s unstoppable now! He doesn’t hold his nose, but Seamus does.

Their determination makes me really excited for summer swimming. Just in time to start training Porter for swimming. Will I ever relax by a pool again? Doubt it.

On Sunday morning, we caught a terrific visit with our Takoma Park friends. They have two boys, just turned 4 and 2. We lined all the kids up on our couch for a picture.

M (2), G (4.5), S (6), P (10months), and F (4)

M (2), G (4.5), S (6), P (10months), and F (4)

They could make a great team!


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