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A Wedding and A Party June 20, 2015

Filed under: Events,Family Life,Friends and Relatives — leighj @ 11:42 am

My friend and colleague got married over the weekend. It was a lovely wedding at the Unitarian church in town. Food was good, bride sang some fun songs, people danced, there was childcare for Porter. All in all, a good time.

When we were trying to decide about going to the wedding, I had initially gotten a baby sitter for the boys so Patrick and I could go and honor the day. However, the sitter fell through, so I decided to go by myself. Then, Seamus got an invitation to a friend’s birthday barbeque. It was a party!

Gilbert on a horse

Gilbert on a horse

There was a horse and a catering van. I think it would have been really hard to get them to behave at a wedding when they knew a horse was available. Porter was an excellent date, and I’ll take him to another wedding anytime.

PS: I don’t know where Gil got this idea, but he told me a few nights ago that if you kiss someone on the lips, it means you get married with them. HAHAHA! And, I heard him ask Seamus if they could get married. Seamus said no, we’re brothers, we can’t get married, but we can live together.


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