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Summer! A Huge Sigh of Relief June 19, 2015

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It’s the last day of school, which means it’s the last day that Seamus and Gilbert will be gone from the house most of the day until September. I’m looking forward to being with them, especially as I’m now about to give myself permission to take some time off as well.

We have summer plans!

  1. Teach the class on Ana Castillo. (Done–except for grading the final paper) It was such a treat to get to spend time on this author with a group of students who challenged me and each other to learn more and think more. Their creative presentations were amazing last night.
  2. Finish an essay on the ways that Mexican American literature might be considered in light of the turn of the twentieth century. I turned it in today! It might still need revision, but I’m so glad to have it in.
  3. Deal with a somewhat frustrating experience with a journal that asked for a revision, which I’ve turned in, but I’ve heard nothing since! GRR>
  4. Continue to advise and respond to student email. (I’m going to set an away message, but I’ll still get back to students.)
  5. Take the online class about teaching online. (Done. I hope I get reimbursed.)


  1. Keep reading.
  2. Go off the diving board.
  3. Keep a trip journal.


  1. Learn to swim without floaties.
  2. Keep working on words and writing name.
  3. Play lots of games.


  1. Learn difference between “More” and “All Done”
  2. Learn to walk.
  3. Wean???? (Until I wrote that, I hadn’t really thought about it!)

Leigh Personal Goals:

  1. Have a lot of fun with the kids.
  2. Lower travel expectations so that we all have fun.
  3. Swim as much as possible.
  4. Go to yoga 24 times between July 3 and Sept. 30.
  5. Settle down. There’s no need for 6 activities a day.


  1. Do the summer reading program at the library.
  2. Use our groupons to the water park and bounce house.
  3. Go to the zoo a few times.
  4. Hike
  5. Catch the outdoor concerts and cinema.
  6. Swim.

One Response to “Summer! A Huge Sigh of Relief”

  1. Linda St Clair Says:

    I think it is funny that the online class is online. But, that is just me being old.

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