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A Haircut for Gilbert June 10, 2015

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Gilbert’s hair had been getting pretty shaggy. It’s incredibly thick as well, but he comes by that honestly!

Gilbert making his "mad" face. So much hair!

Gilbert making his “mad” face. So much hair!

He’s been wanting to get it cut, but we’ve had trouble finding the time to take him. Yesterday, though, we committed to doing it. I told him that we were going to go the barbershop I’ve taken him too before, and he dug his heels in wanting to go to “Grandude’s Barbershop.”*

He asked for a snack before we went, and he had grudgingly agreed to go to the one I selected. However, his main complaint was that it takes too long there. He asked again why I wanted him to go to that barbershop. I explained to him that the barbershop I had chosen was 8 dollars and the other barbershop was 15 dollars, and I didn’t want to pay that much more. He perked right up, and chirped, “I have a five dollar bill in my piggy bank; can I pay that and go to Grandude’s barbershop?” Well, I had to relent. It was so funny.

I also told him that I didn’t know how to get there. He said, “Oh, that’s okay. I know how!” And he did! We went, and in the car he said, “This is the first time I’ve gotten to spend my money!” He was thrilled. He found the barbershop, went in, got his neck powdered, got a very cute cut, had a back massage, and enjoyed the warm towel. The piece d’resistance? A lollipop, that he got to choose for himself.

Patrick thought that I shouldn’t have let him spend the money, because it doesn’t teach about saving, and that it’s also sort of Seamus’s money. My logic was that he should learn that he needs to earn (or save) money for things that he wants that we are unwilling to buy.

He looked like Seamus after it was all over. She thinned it a lot!

He looked like Seamus after it was all over. She thinned it a lot!

*Patrick and I have been talking through a lot of strategies to use with Gilbert (and Seamus too) for when they want something and we’re willing to change our minds, but we don’t want them to throw a tantrum to change the way things will happen. For instance, if we tell them, it’s bathtime, and they pitch a fit saying NO! NO bath, a shower, well, then they’re not approaching the problem rationally and with a desire for an actual solution, so they don’t get it. However, if they can restrain themselves and say something like, “Can we have a shower instead?” then I’m much more likely to let that happen the way they want. It’s a process.


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