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A professor, four kids, and a crash course in work/life balance

Whew! May 26, 2015

What fun. We had 43 adults and 32 children. It was busy and fun. We were pretty beat, but we don’t let something like exhaustion get us down. The next day we went to a Nats game. They beat the Phillies, which was trilling for Seamus, as he’s decided to be a Nats fan. He especially liked seeing Bryce Harper’s hat fall off while he was running for home. The boys got to run the bases afterwards. They were very precise to make sure they stepped on each base as they went past. They also made sure to high-five the Presidents as they passed them too.

Patrick has been cleaning out the sheds by selling a couple of bikes. Then we went to our friends’ house, and they had this:

Christiania Bike

Christiania Bike

I was a little worried that all the nice space in the shed might soon be taken up with this. Well, there would be no need for a stroller if we had a bike with a box this big. They’re about to build a Whole Foods in walking distance, and we’d pretty much never need a car again! Seamus and Gilbert begged for ride after ride in this. Porter got in a terrible mood when I tried to remove him from this box, so he and Seamus switched places. You couldn’t get the smile off his (or the others’) face. I even climbed in for a ride!

Porter is saying “ba” for ball. We set up the kiddie pool yesterday, and Gilbert said his favorite part of the whole day was playing in the kiddie pool. Seamus, on the other hand, learned how to play PayDay, and that was quickly all he wanted to do. He had me play a round with him this morning before he went to school.

Good weekend, but I see why it’s best when kids are out of school after Memorial Day. There’s just too much fun to be had!



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