Some Silly Things and A Family Outing

Porter and I went for a hike the other day. I was talking about the conference to my friend, and Porter sighed heavily and said, “Blah, blah, blah.” That must be how he feels about me talking about my work!

I got an email from LEGO about a mini model build (which they apparently do every month), so I thought we would check it out with the boys. They got a free mouse (so cute) to build. It was a madhouse though, and there was a lot of standing in line. Seamus heard someone say they do it every month, so now he’s angling to go back in June. That was a lot of people for my taste. We decided to make a night of it, so we took our gift card to On the Border with us. However, Cinco de Mayo meant that place was packed too. (I don’t know why, after four years, I’m still surprised by the sheer volume of people here, but I am.) We decided to go next door to Chili’s where our gift card was also good. The boys built their LEGO models at the table and generally enjoyed themselves a great deal. Porter ate lots of guac and Patrick and I enjoyed a margarita. It was a success!

While we were in the restaurant, there came a deluge. We enjoyed watching it and all the people running around. Spring has meant that we’ve been having more fun getting out for all sorts of things. I think it helps that I’m also almost off for a few weeks and it feels good to enjoy some family time.


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