A Good Night’s Sleep

Makes a huge difference in my outlook on life. In other words, the pain of waking up reached a tipping point, and we’ve started night weaning Porter. No nursing between 11-5. He’s been doing much better, going down around 7:30 or 8 and sleeping through to 5. Of course, Patrick and I are so excited that we then stay up until 10:00 or 10:30 just relishing the quiet and the new couch. I’ve been sick (or afflicted with a nasty bout of allergies this year) so I’ve been trying to go to bed early, but sometimes, the couch is just too comfortable.

I always maintain with parenting that you’ll do what works long past the point when it’s working, but that ultimately, the pain of changing becomes less in relation to not changing, so you change. And often you find that it was easier than you thought it was going to be. This was true for night weaning Seamus, nap schedules at different points, and more.

Other new policies in the house:

  • the bathroom door stays closed>>it’s Porter’s first destination when he makes a trip down the hall.
  • the screen doors stay locked>>he tries to escape (or really, pull up on the door to see out, and then pushes it out, falling).
  • Legos stay pushed very far back on the kid table, or on the couch for play and put away>>this should be obvious.
  • hands are washed immediately and thoroughly>>tis the season for ants.
  • you get your own water!>>I am not the butler.

We did our first family bike ride this weekend. It was a blast–Patrick, Gilbert, and Seamus rode the tandem; Porter rode behind me in the child seat on my bike. He fell asleep. We’re prepping for Cape Cod and the Jersey shore. Can’t wait for summer.

Speaking of, the boys do not get out of school until June 19th! That seems really late, like summer’s half over, but I guess it is just getting into full swing then. We have trips planned, but we also have space for spontaneous fun.

A couple of pictures:
Seamus is hard to photograph lately because he’s all movement. So much so that when he’s still, he looks awkward.

Birthday of Lego
Birthday of Lego

And Porter is loving his time with mama and dada.

Hiking baby!
Hiking baby!


  1. The hiking photo reminds me of one of Seamus from about the same age on his first hike. Cute.

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