So Much that I’ve Missed Blogging About

Just catching up!

  • Latina/o Utopias Conference. It was fantastic! I was sick as a dog, but the presentations were so interesting, I met some great people, and my paper sparked interest and controversy. All that you would want in a conference. Patrick and I took Porter with us; he liked walking around New York, but he didn’t much care for sleeping in the hotel pack n play. Gah. It was beautiful to walk around Central Park and Midtown. We ordered in Thai, Indian, and sushi. That was all within a block or two of the hotel. My parents stayed with Seamus and Gilbert. The boys lived it and Gilbert cried despondently when they left. He sure hates for the party to end.
  • Seamus turned SIX! Man. What a ride. He got a bunch of stuff, but he really liked his cake and pie and the ice cream sandwiches. I took a treat to school for him, and it was fun to see him get to share with all his friends. We also went to his school this week for a science night. That was lots of fun and SO sweet to see S & G when they went in. Gilbert was feeling a little intimidated by the big school, and Seamus took his hand and led him around.
  • I pulled a crazy supermom day on Monday. I was sick, but I had to meet with students, and Patrick had to go downtown. So I hauled Porter to campus, met with students, signed up two new writing minors, went to the grocery, got to Seamus’s school for the birthday treat, picked Gilbert up from the bus, made dinner, and got Seamus from the bus. Now I realize Patrick does a lot of this in the day, but it was an intensive practice for me.
  • Porter says Mama, roars a lion roar, laughs all the time, pulls up on everything, heads straight for the bathroom when he’s not being supervised, tries to play with the boys’ stuff, tries to eat Legos and magnets, and eats Cheerios like they’re going out of style. He is an absolute delight.
  • I am thiiiisss close to being done with this semester. A little more grading, a few more meetings, and then I’ll be free as a bird to read and write. Or so I think.

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