Do you check your receipts?

I’ve always been pretty good about checking receipts at the grocery and other places, especially if I know that an item is on sale or otherwise discounted. Patrick and I used to really do well with this at the Kroger in KY because they’d give you the item for free if it rang up wrong. Every Sunday morning, we’d go, because Sundays they changed the sale prices, but often left the old tags up around the store. Good times!

Well, stores are getting more inventive. The prices aren’t ringing up wrong, but there are other strategies. In the last week, I’ve had three incidents! One, at Harris Teeter they clerk left a carton of pasta on the scale while she weighed my bananas. I politely asked her to move it and reweigh the bananas. I had been overcharged by 65 cents. Not a lot, but not something I can go get items free for.

Two, at Whole Foods, I bought some bulk TVP and put the PLU number on the bag. It was 6225 and the price was 2.29 / lb. At the check out, the clerk rang it up and it came to $8.81! I asked him to double check. He had rung in 6552 which was signficantly more per pound than what I had bought. A $4.79 mistake.

And, at Safeway, I bought some buy one get one pasta. At the check out, I asked if the BOGO had come off the total. He said yes, but the number didn’t seem right to me. Sure enough, when I looked at my receipt, he had charged me for three boxes of pasta, when I had only bought two, rendering the BOGO useless. A 1.89 mistake, but again, not one I can get one free for because the price wasn’t technically wrong.

It feels like every time. I’m tired of checking, but I’m more frustrated when I get home and discover a mistake. It’s harder when I’m with the kids to keep track. However, I am grateful to my parents for making us guess the cart total as kids. A few times of them beating us, we learned to estimate our carts more accurately. That continues to let me know if I need to check.

Anyway, do you check as you’re checking out? You probably should. These are all from one week. It doesn’t happen to me everytime, but if I’m paying attention, it happens one out of three times!


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