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Teeth and Kindergarten April 8, 2015

Filed under: Growing up,School for Boys — leighj @ 10:44 am

Seamus lost his first tooth this morning! He got up early and he says he just pulled it out because it was “hanging on by a thread.” So now the tooth fairy is going to come. Seamus thinks the tooth fairy is a he.

Some things I think would be fun about teaching kindergarten:

  • Watching children develop a love for coming to school.
  • Seeing them all lose their first tooth.
  • Watching kids learn to go across the monkey bars.
  • Field trips to neat places.
  • Science exploration and math games.
  • Reading books to boost their brains.
  • Celebrating success with kids.

But there would be a lot of things that probably wouldn’t be so fun, like when the tooth comes out with a lot of blood. Broken arms on the playground. Bathroom accidents.

I have a theory that your own kids’ bodily fluids don’t bother you much initially. As they get older, there’s less and less desire to have to deal with them. But a whole classroom would be an interesting challenge.


One Response to “Teeth and Kindergarten”

  1. Swistle Says:

    One of my children had a kindergarten bathroom accident, and was sent to the school nurse, who dealt with it. And the blood from a tooth does end, even if it goes on for awhile. A dark washcloth covers a fair amount of blood.

    I love that he pictures the tooth fairy as a he. It should be just as likely. Why do we think of fairies as “she”? No reason, as Seamus knows!

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