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Easter Weekend & Spring Break Part Two April 6, 2015

I get a bonus Spring Break around Easter. It’s great, because the boys’ Spring Break is the same. On Wednesday, we packed up and went to Lake Monticello. Over the next few days, we really made some memories! Hang with me, and I’ll tell you what to do with Easter Candy when you’re not going to eat it.

On Thursday, we went in search of a bike shop, a park to scooter around, and some lunch. Gilbert and Seamus found a giraffe on the Downtown Mall to take a picture with:

Gilbert's School Mascot is a Giraffe!

Gilbert’s School Mascot is a Giraffe!

On Friday, we went to the Smith Aquatic and Fitness Center in Charlottesville. They had a lazy river, a zero depth area, and a play structure in the water. The boys swam a lot and wore themselves out. Patrick and I took advantage of the babysitting to go to happy hour in Charlottesville. We were going to check out South Street Brewery, but we couldn’t find any parking. We fell back on our regular place, Beer Run, and lo and behold, they were having a steal the pint night with South Street Brewery! We got to taste that beer, and get a pint glass to take home. (Not that we need any more pint glasses…)

We discovered two events on Saturday that we hadn’t planned on. One was the UVA women’s crew team at Lake Monticello for a regatta. (We were trying to teach the boys to say that instead of “boat race”). The second was the Easter Egg Hunt at Charlottesville High School. The regatta was fascinating. We didn’t really know what was going on, but it was fun to watch the teams lift their boats (or shells?) into the water, listen to the coxswain barking orders, and hear the teams cheering as they went past us on the lake at the midpoint of the race!

The second event was a fun warmup to Easter for the boys. I love being out of Northern Virginia sometimes! The whole thing was fun, not crowded, and the kids could do the crafts and interact with the people. A few pictures:

Gilbert collects Twizzlers!

Gilbert collects Twizzlers!

It was windy!

It was windy!

They open the eggs. Candy in every one.

They open the eggs. Candy in every one.

They loved opening the eggs, even though I had told them before we started that there would be no candy eating. Other events included a scavenger hunt (we won some passes to go back to the Aquatic Center!), planting a flower (Seamus loved that his was called “Easter basket” while Gilbert chose the red one to be like the fire in the Jungle Book), sitting in the fire truck (Gilbert insisted that they show him their axes), and saying hi to the Easter Bunny.

When we got back to the house, they settled in to play with their candy. Turns out, with candy you’re not going to eat, you can stand back and toss it into a basket, you can sort it, you can count it, you can graph your results, and you can open each piece, cut it open, and throw it away. I think they had more fun with it than if they’d been planning on eating it!

To Be Continued with the Easter Sunday events…


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