April Fools Day

I’m not usually one for an April Fools Day prank, but yesterday was kind of funny. We were headed down to Lake Monticello to visit Patrick’s mom’s house. Seamus was filling out his trip journal. He wrote under Date: “Winstday April 1 2015 but dont forget it is April Fools Day today.” He was planning on playing an April Fools on Nana and PopPop with his fake tattoo sleeves. He got Gilbert with it earlier that day.

We stopped at a gas station so I could take the boys to the bathroom. Porter and Patrick hung out by the car. When I go back, there was a note on the dash, “Sorry about the dent!” I was looking all over the car, saying “I don’t see it. Where is it?” What I was thinking was, “How were you not paying attention!?” Then Patrick revealed that it was an April Fools joke. However, I think he got the guy who was parked next to us too!

I told him I would get him back. Then we got in the car and he had strapped Porter back in and gotten the others settled. He sat down, started backing the car out and I said, “Oh wait, I need to go again!” He sighed and got ready to repark the car. April Fool! He did admit that it was funny, but it wasn’t as good as his. Did you have any good jokes?


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