Uncorked–Wine and Others

I had a whirlwind week! Highlights included a good night’s sleep from Porter, and then enough bad nights that I can’t remember them. Other highlights were a nice visit to Miles’s birthday party (I’ve been to every one, including the day he was born). The boys had fun, even though it was a little traumatic for a second. Seamus was roughhousing with Gilbert and accidentally kicked Miles in the face (now, I know, accident wouldn’t have happened if they hadn’t been acting out of line in the first place), but he felt so bad that he was crying too, from having done it. He then tried to make it up by being very attentive to Miles.

A huge highlight was having my roommate from college visit. She was here for a conference and we had a blast, both during her conference and while she stayed with us. We checked out the African Art Museum, the National Gallery of Art, and our favorite, the National Portrait Gallery. There’s always something interesting and different at the museums. We caught the TIME covers exhibit from the 1960s, and the bonus was the Elaine de Kooning exhibit. We had late lunch at Jaleo and we spent a lot of time hanging out with the family. See shot below:

Happy boy!
Happy boy!

Porter started actually crawling. He’s pretty into it now, and the older boys like it, but it also means that they’ve been doing a fair amount of picking him up around his middle and carrying him from the place that he arrived at (usually the place they are playing) to another place far away (so that he won’t eat their toys). While they do this, they say, “Move the kitty.” I couldn’t figure it out, until I heard them call him Edwin (who is Olivia’s cat in the Olivia books). So there’s that. He’s proud of himself.

It’s a busy day on campus today, but I’m thoroughly enjoying it, since I don’t usually come in on Mondays, I’m getting a lot of miscellaneous work done. Plus, no one is looking for me, because I’m not usually here!

And the wine story. I bought a bottle of wine to drink with Amanda. It was $13, which is more than I often will fork out for a bottle. It was terrible! Tasted like grape juice. I used the aerator and everything. We set it aside to cook with. The next day, I thought, well, let’s just see. I poured a small pour, and tasted. It was a different wine altogether! It was actually delicious. Patrick and I enjoyed it in all its glory. So, if you have a bad bottle, save it overnight and see what happens.

We had also planned to go to the Jersey Shore for Easter. But, it’s going to be 40 and 50 degrees there, and here it’s going to be 70. I can’t take the cold any longer. So we’re putting that trip off.



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