Sugar is a Drug and Other Observations

We’ve known it for a while. Sugar is a drug. It makes kids do crazy things and really, it makes adults do crazy things too.

Unfortunately, I realize now that I’m addicted to it too. I think it’s a combination of being somewhat stressed at work, still nursing the baby, and topped of with a good dose of sleep deprivation. All I know is that when I get my hands on a piece of chocolate, I devour it without further thought and then all the dopamine receptors in my brain explode. I think that’s pretty much the textbook definition of addiction.

So, now I’ve observed the phenomenon, and I feel that I need to start to do something about it. Really, I think the solution has to come from relieving the triggers instead of just saying I’m going to quit eating sugar products (even though that’s part of it). Since I’m not ready to wean Porter, this means reducing stress at work and sleeping more/better. Sounds simple enough. Where’s my multistep plan? I’ve still got to figure that out.

On to other observations:

I got a pair of noise cancelling headphones for my birthday. I let the boys use them for listening to books on CD. They refer to the headphones as the “creepy” headphones, and I had been baffled as to why. It finally occurred to me that the first time I turned them on, I said, “Woah, creepy” when the noise around me disappeared.

I finished up a project on Stephen Crane. I’m constantly (well, twice) doing projects on Stephen Crane, because oddly enough, even though he wasn’t the focus of my dissertation, he’s a popular figure in American Literature.

We’re on the mend.


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