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Eyes March 21, 2015

Filed under: Family Life,Kid comparisons,Totally Me — leighj @ 9:08 am

This post is going to be a little complain-y. We’re ALL sick. That’s a bummer, since usually, at least a few of us can carry on the house responsibilities. But, sick baby is rough, sick school age kids still need to get energy out, and sick parents walk around in bad moods. I’m mostly writing it down because, believe it or not, it helps to remember that Seamus and Gilbert were both sick as babies (more often than Porter has been) and they also didn’t sleep well when sick (although we had our Barcalounger back then and could just hold them in it). It is something I only remember because I wrote it on the blog. Otherwise, I’d be complaining that why can’t Porter be more like his brothers and get with the program and not be sick!

When I was younger, (and still now) my eye would droop and start winking when I would get tired. It was often a sign to quit whatever was keeping me up and go to bed. Now, though, my eyes have given up. Whenever I’m really tired the skin below my eyebrow, but above what we think of as eyelid, gets inflamed and itchy. It looks really scary in the mirror at work. I think it looks like I have some kind of drug problem, but really, I just have a baby problem.

Also, benefit to writing it out, is that I know that as bad as it is, it will change. Here’s hoping soon.


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