Hippo-Tiger-Giraffe Games 2015

The PTA fundraiser is a big event in Falls Church. The teachers at the different schools compete for the title. The games were supposed to be last week, but the snow forced a reschedule. I had thought we would all go, but we discovered that it was really loud, and Porter might not enjoy the games. So, I ended up taking Seamus and Gilbert and Gilbert’s friend. I had bought some raffle tickets for the class baskets, but I cautioned the boys that they probably would not win a basket. It’s just for fun, I kept emphasizing. Each boy got 5 tickets to put in the different themed baskets. Seamus really wanted to win Principal for a Day at his school. Gilbert said his favorite basket was the knitting basket, because he wanted to learn how to knit. Gilbert’s friend got a couple of tickets to place as well.

The games were about what you’d expect. It was fun because our neighbor across the street was in charge of resetting the games. Gilbert’s teacher was participating, as was Seamus’s. Gil and his friend sat together with me, but Seamus was thrilled to get to sit with friends from his class a few rows ahead of us. The Pre-K through 1st grade teachers narrowly won. It was very exciting, but overly emotional for some of the kids. I saw some of the kids from the 2nd-5th grade school crying afterwards. I had Patrick check to see if we won a basket online, as they were posting the results online and on the walls, which we couldn’t see. I was so surprised when he said Gilbert had won a basket!

Gilbert and his friend and Seamus went down to hug their teachers after the games. Then we came home. They wanted to rip right into the basket! So much for my lesson that you usually don’t win raffles…

So excited!
So excited!

Here’s what was in it: (Those marked with an ** are being donated to Gilbert’s class!)

Sticky Squishy Basket

Deluxe 50-piece Squigz set (Porter digs these)

Large Kinetic Sand with two colors sand and 10 molds**

Large Play Doh tub with 13 cans dough and 45 pieces**

Creatibles D.I.Y. Eraser kit (We tried this out; fun!)

Glow in the dark Gak

“Secret formula lab” science experiment kit

Heat sensitive “thinking putty”

“Sticky Finger” scone mix (eaten for breakfast the next day)

Werthers Original chewy caramels* (donated to my advisees who I will be meeting with next week)

Noisy putty



  1. It was a shame he didn’t win the kitting basket. Maybe he can learn to knit later. He might be a bit young now anyway.

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