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Snow Day Wrap March 15, 2015

The Thursday before my Spring Break, we got another big snow that cancelled school on Thursday and Friday. I did have to work Friday, but not for my morning class. That threw us off a bit! However, the boys did seem to enjoy their last hurrah of snow. They went out to shovel, got in one more round of sledding, and had their last hot chocolate of the season. I’ll admit, I’m pretty done with winter, and I welcomed the nicer temperatures for my spring break. Today’s my last day of break, and there is still snow on the ground in places, so I’m not so sure about “Woo-hoo, spring!” but at least it’s better than it has been.

DSC_0005 DSC_0001

They actually can be helpful with clearing the snow. Two winters in a row of above average snowfall! It’s pretty wild. I’m glad I signed them up for swimming, chess, and tumbling. The other big help is that they’re old enough to listen to stories on CD, which they love. We’ve built a lot of Legos, read a lot of books, had a few family movie nights, gone on playdates, and kicked them out to play in the snow. At least this winter we didn’t have the long stretch of teens for the high. I’m hesitant to say “Good riddance winter,” because I know that around here, a late March, early April snowstorm is not out of the question, but you can bet, I’m thinking it!

Catching snowflakes!

Catching snowflakes!

Big helper!

Big helper!


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