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Getting What You Want, Haircut Edition March 10, 2015

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I worry sometimes because Seamus is so easily talked out of the things he wants. He’s methodical, rational, logical, always convinced he’s right, but at the same time, he has a very strong desire to not please, exactly, but to not rock the boat. If he senses that you disapprove of him, it breaks him pretty quickly. I’ve noticed this when he selects the movie for family movie night, a book before bedtime, a snack, or the color of the nightlight. It’s too easy to talk him out of his preferences. In some ways, it’s good, because he’s pretty flexible (especially lately with beginning to understand that things don’t always happen the way we think they’re going to), but it’s bad because he bends and doesn’t seem to realize that he can stick to his guns.

Anyway, so I took Gilbert to get his haircut a couple of weeks ago. It’s short, but he was looking really scruffy. I’d been meaning to take Seamus too, and I finally got a chance. When he asked if he could get whatever haircut he wanted (by looking at and pointing to one of the pictures on the wall), I said yes. He immediately selected the mohawk, and I was tempted to try to talk him out of it (which I knew I could) but I reminded myself that it’s good for him to get to choose sometimes, and with his body is a good place to start. The other number he thought about was a very “old-man”-ish haircut, which I thought was funny in its contrast to the mohawk. He got one, and when we tried to style it up for him, he was adamant that a mohawk lays down.

Then Gilbert wanted a mohawk, and because he had one as a baby, and his hair has a very thick shock down the middle, it worked.


Standing up.

Standing up.

Styled up.

Styled up.


3 Responses to “Getting What You Want, Haircut Edition”

  1. Kathy Peacock Says:

    I love it! What a great haircut.

  2. Heather Says:

    A great Seamus story. I think he and I are kindred spirits 🙂

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