Snow Day

We’ve had them before, and we’ll have them again, but here’s our first snow day of 2015. It’s the end of a 3-day weekend for the kids, so four day weekend it is! Snow days are all about making it through cabin fever. This time, it wasn’t so bad, as the sun came out, and they could play outside on the swingset for awhile. The snow was too dry for good snowballs, so they’ve been clearing the cars.

1. We had planned a playdate with our neighbors for yesterday afternoon, but when it looked like we would surely get a snow day, we moved the playdate to this morning. There was dress up, hot chocolate, Legos, billiards, Yathzee, chess, and arts and crafts. Just your usual day at the senior center. Oh, wait. Our house.

2. Lunch was edamame and plain noodles.

3. Patrick and I both got in a couple of hours’ worth of work. He worked on his project, and I made snow day assignments for my students and did the assignment my department chair gave us.

4. Porter took a good nap, and then played with the older kids.

5. Now, about 1:45 pm, it’s warmed up a bit and S & G are off sledding with Patrick before they go to their Spanish class which is NOT cancelled for this afternoon.

6. There’s chili in the slow cooker for dinner.

Porter is not crawling, but he’s scooting (and has been for awhile) and recently pulling up. I wonder if he’ll sort of skip crawling. Neither of the other boys ever army crawled, and Seamus really liked crawling on hands and knees, whereas Gilbert didn’t like crawling on his knees, preferring his feet. We’ll see. We succeeded in gagging Porter this morning with some delicious mashed banana.

If the boys don’t have school again tomorrow, I’m going to send them all skiing! It’s pretty powdery!


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  1. Jade scooted and never crawled. It was really the most adorable thing I ever saw. Sometimes she would scoot so hard that I thought she was going to tumble head over heels. But she never did that.

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