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February 14th February 14, 2015

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Yesterday, the older boys had their Valentine’s Day Party at school. They loved opening their valentines and seeing who they were from. But I want to know. When did kids start giving each other candy for Valentines? I do not recall this from my childhood, but almost every valentine (in Seamus’s bag; Gil’s bag was more controlled because the kids made valentines at school) had a piece of candy attached to it. Or the candy was the valentine. They kids just like getting the cards and reading who they’re from. When there’s candy involved, they want to eat, and of course, we’re not going to let them. One they got from a friend, and sneakily I took the candy off before I gave it to them. They LOVED it.

Anyway. I sound like a curmudgeon.

We were trying to the get boys into the car so they could catch the Amtrak to Charlottesville. It worked, they got on and enjoyed their first (real) train ride. Meanwhile, Porter and I settled in for a party of us. He slept a long stretch last night, or maybe I just slept through a wake up because I was so tired. This morning he was in the best mood. I’m looking forward to a whole day of having him to myself.

I have a list today. Things I Might Do. Things I Will Do. It’s a useful tool for me this morning to try to separate those out. Dishes and Diapers are on the Things I Will Do. Ha. Those are the two things that always need to be done!


2 Responses to “February 14th”

  1. Kathy Peacock Says:

    I love your two list idea…
    The boys also had a ton of Valentine’s cards but school specifically asked for no candy (Thank God!)…they each got half of a brownie at the daycare’s party. I just finished another Whole30, down a few more pounds and happy to be able to drink wine again. I hope you have a wonderful day with Porter!

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