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Just a Few Updates January 19, 2015

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Well, I’ve been neglectful. And I already know this post will be woefully short of what it should be. However, there were some hilarious things that I’d like to get down.

1. Gilbert has not been eating well. It’s annoying; he only wants a snack when he gets home, but then he won’t eat dinner. He tells his teacher he’s hungry, hoping for some kind of snack/treat that we didn’t send with him. So today, I was headed to the store. Along with menu planning, we’ve tried to give the boys more control over the menu (I let them set the meal one night a week). I asked Gil to tell me his favorite food, so I could get it. He said, “Peanut butter and jelly” Me: No. Him: “Fake mac ‘n’ cheese!” This is how we refer to mac n cheese in the box. Me: No. Try for a vegetable. What’s your favorite vegetable? Him: “Hot dogs!” Me: Gah! That is not a vegetable!!! Him: “Carrots and ranch.” Me: OK, that’s what I’ll get. So I got him some carrots and ranch (He pronounces it cawwots and wanch). He ate a lot of it for lunch.

2. Seamus wanted to know if I’d get him something too. I asked what his favorite veggies were, as I knew already that he doesn’t like carrots and ranch. His answer? Broccoli, cauliflower, and brussels sprouts. This made for a very funny moment in the car, when they both got in and asked if I’d bought them what they wanted. I said yes, and Seamus started chanting in a sing song voice, “I’m going to get to eat brus-sel sprouts.” It was absurd.

3. I dropped off drycleaning last week for the very first time. Patrick said I can’t wear wrinkled clothes to work, and he’s right. But they’re all wools, and I don’t have an iron. An iron might have been cheaper, but I still would have had to figure out how to get the moth ball smell out, find a place to iron, and then find the time to do it when no kids were going to be close enough to touch the iron. And frankly, if I’m somewhere where it smells nice, I have some time, and there are no kids needing attention, I’m going to read. Or blog. Or take a nap.

4. Porter cut his first tooth on Friday night. We went to bed on Friday. No tooth. Woke up Saturday. Tooth. Just a little shy of six months. It didn’t seem to bother him much.

5. I read a fantastic book. Dear Committee Members. I immediately wanted to buy a copy for everyone in my department. It’s hilarious in a way that academics would find laugh out loud worthy.

6. I started classes, and with that came a new schedule for me, and for the family, but I’m most excited about having carved out time to write on Thursday mornings. Last week was a boon, and I’m hoping it continues for the semester. My other goal is to read one academic article per working day. I feel behind in my field in some ways, but it’s easily fixed if I address it now.

7. I’m also starting to think about summer! And my friend welcomed her much anticipated baby last week. He is adorable! I told him he’d soon get to meet Porter who will be his best friend forever, or until they’re toddling for the same swing!


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