Christmas 2014 Traditions and Activities

I went back through some of my posts from Christmases past to see what we had done that was fun when I was trying to get ideas about what to do for activities in the area. This year was notable for what we didn’t do: Zoolights, big trips, etc. However we did do a lot of other things that seemed to fill the time and space. I blame the boys being in school for the lack of ambition for big holiday activities.

However, to recap. They really enjoyed Christmas and Santa, opening presents, and playing at home for long periods of time. I guess it’s easy to underestimate how much children enjoy just being at home and playing. In the month leading up to Christmas, we put up the tree, ordered cards, made ornaments, watched Christmas movies (they liked Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas and The Muppets’ Christmas Carol was waaaay over their heads), had hot chocolate on the one day of snow, listened to gobs of Christmas music, and read The Polar Express over and over. We also did some holiday parties, made some cookies, and spent time with friends and family.

For activities before Christmas, we went to Union Station to see the train exhibit. It was a little low key, so we walked over to the Smithsonian Postal Museum. That was an unexpected treat! The museum has recently been updated, and the exhibits included an old mail train car to go inside and sort the mail. There was also a mail truck (we didn’t make it in because we were getting tired) and an interactive design your own stamp machine.

Porter Stamp!
Porter Stamp!

On Christmas Eve, we went to Patrick’s cousin’s house. I love going out there, because it’s the only cousins they really have who are close in age. The boy just turned 6, and the girl is 2.5, and if you add the other kids (ours and Patrick’s other cousin), we have so many kids that it’s the perfect amount of chaos.

Christmas day we did at home in the morning, and then with Patrick’s family nearby for lunch and afternoon cheer. Porter took a nice nap, and generally enabled us all to have a good time.

We went to Charlottesville the day after Christmas. We decided that we needed some set activities, so we went to the Virginia Discovery Museum and the Downtown Ice Park. P and I traded off. One got the older boys and an activity, while the other got Porter and an hour to wander around the downtown mall.

Ice Skating!
Ice Skating!

The rink provides buckets so the kids can learn. Seamus quickly ditched his so he could practice more. Gilbert kept the buckets so he could race dangerously around the rink.

I’m hoping to take the tree down today. They’re resisting, but it’s time!



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