Two Weeks Off

Now that the boys are in school, winter break is more about them having time off from school to do fun things as a family. Yesterday, the first day home, they played really nicely together. If this morning is any indication, the novelty of being home together and playing has worn off! I have some plans for us this week. Mostly these are things that we used to take the whole month to get around to doing, but now, because we have so few days, I’ve crammed it into just a few.

  1. We’re going to go to Union Station to see the train exhibits. We did this three years ago, and Gilbert cried so much on metro, we didn’t ride metro again for a long time.
  2. We already wrapped presents. We used one roll, so they did some sword fighting with the tube before Patrick confiscated it and threw it in the recycling.
  3. I want to go to the Botanical Garden and see what they have set up. I think we’re going to do this with some friends.
  4. I really want to go to the aquatic center and let them have some winter swimming. We’ll see if it happens.

The Santa Fire Engine came by last week, and we got them out of bed to see it. They didn’t get to talk to Santa, so they were worried that he might not know what they wanted. They’ve already written a letter, so they should be good to go. We explained that Santa doesn’t always bring what you think you want; sometimes he brings what he thinks you want. Apparently, this is not how Santa operates in their minds.


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