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Fall Festival, Field Trip, New Obsession, and More October 21, 2014

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1. Field Trip. I chaperoned a field trip with Seamus’s class to a nature hike last week. They send a note home to remind parent chaperones to remember that they are the authority in the group. I thought it was an absolutely ridiculous note…until I went on the field trip. One parent was videotaping the field trip with little regard for the kids in the group needing supervision. But on the upside, now Seamus’s teachers know where he gets it. He was “reminding” the other students of the rules. I told one of the kids pretty straight, “You must stay on the trail.” This as the kid is about to topple into the pond.

2. Fall Festival. We went to a mall for fall festival. HAHAHAHA. This one woman said to me as the kids were all over each other on the bounce house, “Where were these kids raised, a farm?” Very derisively. I wanted to say, “No, they were raised in this sorry excuse for urban life where they learn that getting in front of someone is half the battle. Farm kids don’t need manufactured fun.” Anyway, it was a hoot because we went with some friends.

Pumpkin Bowling!

Pumpkin Bowling!

Bounce house scrum

Bounce house scrum

At the top of the slide

At the top of the slide

The Hay Maze was a Hit!

The Hay Maze was a Hit!

Shortly after this, the kid in red, on the far side of this picture got really rowdy and knocked Gilbert down from the top of the king of the mountain bales (where Seamus is in this pic). The mom ran over and made him apologize, and Gilbert said, “That’s not OKAY!” I agreed. Then I pointed out how the kid was having a time out. Forced apologies are wild.

Running on the big hill was a hit.

Running on the big hill was big fun.

3. New Obsession. Chess. Seamus is obsessed. It has taken the place of soccer. He wants to play all the time. He plays by himself, he plays with Patrick, he just discovered that there’s a chess game on the iPad. He did beg me to play until I did and took his queen in three moves. He hasn’t asked me since. He loves the idea of the pieces moving on the grid.

4. 2 Month Check Up. Porter has a clean bill of health, but he’s a little out of proportion. His body is 15lbs and 88th percentile, but his head is only 54th percentile. He had his 2 month check 2 days before he turned three months. That practice is busy.

He's looking at himself in the mirror. Too bad the Nats didn't do better for their new fan.

He’s looking at himself in the mirror. Too bad the Nats didn’t do better for their new fan.

5. Albuquerque House. We sold it! Signed, sealed, gone. We’ll be paying it off for a while, but at least we don’t have to put a new roof on the place.

There’s more, but this is good for now.


3 Responses to “Fall Festival, Field Trip, New Obsession, and More”

  1. Linda St Clair Says:

    Do you remember Master Merritt’s Master Chess Set? All it took to make the kid happy was to put his Walmart set in a box with that wonderful label.

  2. Linda St Clair Says:

    Oh wait, I’m wrong on that name. It was Chess Master Merritt’s Master Chess Set.

  3. This is why I love wordpress. Looking for some festivals to add to our site and came across this cool blog! 🙂

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