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“The Factory Girl” Just Teach One Project October 1, 2014

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There’s a really great project for teachers of Early American Literature. It’s called Just Teach One, and the goal of it is to get instructors to put one archive recovery text on their syllabus each semester. After teaching it, the instructors blog about their experiences with the text, offering suggestions for discussion, other texts to link it to, and context for the class goals. As a participant in the project, I taught “The Factory Girl” by Sarah Savage in The American Dream last spring. The full text of “The Factory Girl” is available here. All of the instructors’ posts are also on that page. I’m fascinated by the variety of institutions and courses people managed to fit “The Factory Girl” into. Of course we expect to see it in American Women Writers courses and Early American literature surveys or seminars. But who would have thought that it could interest students at a prison? Or students in Business Writing? Or in a Digital Texts class? I’m glad there’s a community for teaching interesting work that students may not have seen before. Here’s my take.


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