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Updates on School and Two Month Old September 26, 2014

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It rained yesterday for the first morning since school started. Gilbert’s very first question was, “Is my school cancelled today?” He asked very hopefully. Seamus buys his lunch once a week, on Friday for pizza day. This is his obsession. Every day this week we have heard who bought what for lunch. “Today 7 people bought their lunch. Four got peanut butter & jelly, one got a hot dog, and two got a yogurt parfait.” I thought, okay, that’s a lot of hard drive space, but fine. Then, he continued to tell me what the kids in room 2 bought, and the kids in room 5. Seamus loves school though, and he waits at the door to see when the older elementary kids head off for their bus. He can hardly be contained.

I think he would make a good chess player. Or something. I’m wanting to get him this game for Christmas. It’s a chess game that you play yourself with different challenges. The company, Thinkfun, is based in Alexandria, and we already have one of their games that he just loves. I like it too, because it’s designed for him to play by himself, or with some help. I never though I’d need to teach a kindergartener to play solitaire.

Daydreaming has become his favorite excuse for everything–especially not finishing his lunch or his work. I’m not sure that he knows what that really means.

Porter is 2 months. I realized I needed to make an appointment for him to get some of his shots. So I called, and the appointment manager seemed surprised that I would wait to see our doctor rather than get him in as quickly as possible. We decided to stick with the practice but only see our doctor. He’s 14 lbs, smiling, cooing, laughing when Patrick tickles him with his beard, and mostly pretty happy. He is solidly out of newborn and 0-3 month clothes. How does it happen so fast? A friend asked how we were doing, and it struck me that Porter is the first baby who has really been a baby. The first is so scary and new, our second came when we still had a very young one, and Porter is our first chance to just know things are okay and that he’s fun.

P took G in the other day for his four year visit. Poor kid. He asked for all the shots, and he couldn’t walk afterward. He also has a strong dislike of taking off bandaids. I did it, but it wasn’t pretty. He was in the bath, soaking them off; I used jojoba oil to loosen them, and he had a security object to hold while I did it. Then I rubbed more oil on the huge red welts, and he felt better. I wonder if he’s a little allergic to the adhesive, as it doesn’t seem to matter when we get the bandaid off, there are always welts. Sidetracked: Here’s what I wanted to say: The doctor asked if he was getting enough iron and asked what he eats. P responded that he’s a vegetarian, so he eats veggies and beans and bread. She said that her teenagers were vegetarians who don’t eat veggies! Echoes of my adolescence, for sure.

I had an incredibly frustrating day yesterday, between student irresponsibility and house in ABQ woes. But I did manage to order a breast pump through my insurance, and I made it to yoga on campus, so all was not lost.


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  1. Linda St Clair Says:

    He probably is allergic to the adhesive. And he most likely will become even more allergic to it as he goes along. I developed the same kind of allergy and once when I had surgery and one of the EKG pads got left on accidently and I didn’t find it for 24 hours I ended up having more trouble with that red spot than I did from the surgical incision.

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