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A professor, four kids, and a crash course in work/life balance

Gems September 19, 2014

Now that the boys have been in school for a while, we are starting to get a clearer picture of what goes on there. Some is good, some not so, but they are definitely learning!

  • Last night as Patrick went out to dinner with a friend, Seamus admonished him to be “responsible, respectful, and nice.” Patrick said that sounded like good advice, and Seamus said, “There’s one more, but I can’t remember it.”
  • Gilbert off hand told us about one day when one child was hitting another child in the face. Feel free to infuse that sentence with all the drama you want; Gil sure did. Patrick said, “Woah, woah. Seamus, shh. Now Gilbert, what happened?” He wasn’t too clear on the details, but we really wanted to know what the teacher did in response and who was hitting and who was the hittee. We had to ask directed questions, and finally figured out that it was two boys, and the teacher broke it up quickly. Gil saw it but wasn’t involved. We have been worried because his is an inclusion classroom, and we’re not at all sure what that means at the moment. His teachers are great though. Finally, I asked, “Was the boy hitting with his fist, his hand, or a toy?” And the big reveal, “He was hitting with a SOFT BALL!!!” Now G knows how to get all the dinner attention on himself and S will be told to shhh. I have a feeling we’ll be hearing more of these kinds of stories.
  • The older boys have been growling at us a lot lately. It’s annoying. Last night, Porter was laying on his mat, and I was playing with him. The next thing I hear is a deep guttural growl. He was mimicking his brothers! What a thing to learn.
  • Seamus has been dying to buy his lunch once a week, on cheese pizza day. We’re letting him today, but I have a feeling he really wants to buy for other reasons. Last night, he told me that the chocolate milk wasn’t that sugary; “it’s more like really dark chocolate that’s bitter, but I like it anyway.” Right. I didn’t say what he should do, but we had a little talk about how in Kindergarten the teachers weren’t watching what they eat and the order they eat it in, like at camp or preschool, so that it was up to him to make good choices about how he eats his food. He loves Kindergarten and riding the bus, but he did tell me his favorite time is rest time–I think because it’s the one minute he gets to relax.
  • Gilbert’s best friend is a little girl who rides the bus from our stop. She also has a brother who rides Seamus’s bus, so we often see her when we wait for Seamus to get off. The other day, she and Gilbert were sliding down a dirt hill on their bottoms. My impulse was to tell her to stop so she wouldn’t get dirty (she was wearing cute turquoise shorts). I canned it though and figured, if her parents care if she gets dirty, they’ll stop her. I should encourage them to play, or at least not discourage. There’s may shameful gendered attitude I had hoped to expunge coming out.
  • Porter, in addition to growling, has started laughing. He also reliably gives a 6-8 hour stretch at night. I’m hoping I don’t jinx it by writing it, but I want to remember this, especially since Seamus didn’t do that for a long time.

I’m back to doing yoga. It’s painful and a lot of work, but I can tell I need to do it. My teacher told me to find it in myself to come 3x a week, but I don’t think that’s in me yet!


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