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Dropping Babies and Other Hazards September 16, 2014

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We headed off to the shore this weekend. Seamus was quite taken with the boat races. They just made me nervous. I was sure somebody was going to capsize from going too fast around the curves. He wanted to talk about them in detail even though we had just seen them. He did get a good audience in Pop Pop though, who has some grizzly stories of his own about Jersey skiffs.

I like school when they’re in it, but it has come with a shift in how we do things around here. For instance, the trip to the shore. Last year, given the same schedule, we probably would have left on Thursday afternoon and returned on Sunday. Now though, with Seamus not getting off the bus until 4:00 on Friday afternoon, we couldn’t leave until then. That set us up for Traffic, with the capital T. But we made it. School is interesting–compulsory, convenient, etc. until you have other plans.

When Seamus was little, I must have been less clumsy. I never dropped him. Stuck him with a diaper pin, though. That was sad when he cried. I abandoned the diaper pins then in favor of the Snappi. Those things are dangerous too–you should see my mom’s finger where one got her. Gilbert, I fell once getting out of the rocker and tripping over the yoga ball in the middle of the night. I went down, but I don’t think I dropped him really. Porter. Well, yesterday morning, I was walking through the living room and somehow turned my ankle over and fell, while I was holding him. I sort of dropped him at the very end, maybe two inches off the ground. It surprised him but didn’t hurt him. Shook me up though.

Back when Seamus was a baby, my friend’s baby fell off the bed. It had just happened and he had calmed the baby down when I arrived. I said, “Well, let’s look it up.” Google yielded reassurance. The first suggestion for “7 month old baby f” was “Fell off the bed.” Babies are tough. Not that I’m recommending dropping them, but it might happen and you can’t feel guilty the rest of your life about it.

Happy Boy

Happy Boy

Meanwhile, it doesn’t seem to have done any damage. He’s the best about cooing back at you, sticking out his tongue, and putting up with glitter in his hair. He loves looking at himself in the mirror.

G’s new best friend is a girl who gets on at his bus stop. Someday, maybe tomorrow, I’ll write about my inadvertent gender socialization. Gah. I’m frustrated with myself. At least today I’m well rested. Seamus is a total throwback to when he started preschool two years ago. Hungry, tired, and needing a reset when he gets home. Poor kid. He loves school, but we hope it evens out in a couple of weeks.


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