The Last Friday

Our internet has been out for more than a week. Thanks, Verizon. So we switched. This means I have a huge backlog of blog posts I’ve been wanting to write. Last Friday was the busiest day we’ve had since Porter was born; it was also really fun.

Porter had his one-month appointment in the morning. I took him, and he weighed in at 11 lbs, 13 ozs, 23 inches. A big boy, but right on track. There’s a new recommendation to give breastfed babies supplemental Vitamin D. I think that the walk to and from the bus stop to drop off/pick up the older boys will give him plenty of Vitamin D. We don’t live in the 1950’s London East End where rickets was a common disease. He checked out with a clean bill of health, took his first vaccine like a champ, and smiled at the doctor.

Then we had Gilbert’s meet the teacher day. Patrick’s dad kept Seamus while we took Gilbert and Porter to meet the teacher. He loved his classroom, his locker, and the teacher. The room and equipment is all new, and G was particularly taken with the play kitchen and the manual mixer. He was bored over the weekend and kept getting into Seamus’s stuff, so I had to make a lot of cooking projects to keep him occupied. We made some delicious PB&J muffins.

We came home, traded kids with Patrick’s dad, and walked with Seamus up the hill to his meet the teacher day. He also loved the classroom, the teacher, and the book selection. One little boy from his 3 year old preschool is in his class. They remembered each other. Seamus said his favorite part of the room was the birthday wall, where each child’s birthday is listed. I know why that’s his favorite! He loves the treats, and he was thrilled that he was the only April birthday.

Our next item on the agenda was to go to Great Waves waterpark to meet some friends. We got there, and I had to figure out how to access my groupon on Patrick’s phone, since again, the internet being down was a pain. It was the last day we could go, and we had hoped to go earlier in the summer, but I was having trouble getting my act together. As we were putting on sunscreen, G decided it was a good place to pee. Thank goodness we weren’t inside yet, and it reminded both of us of the time he just went in the middle of the Amazon exhibit at the zoo! Gilbert loved the wave pool and the giant sandbox. We pretty much told him that’s the beach! Seamus liked playing with the bigger boys we were there with and playing on the exciting play structure. He also enjoyed the waterslides. I was neurotic about my scar, having been told not to swim until six weeks, but it was fine, as far as I can tell. Porter behaved, sitting in the shade most of the afternoon.

If that weren’t enough, we quickly ate dinner and headed out to the city park to watch the evening showing of Frozen with our friends. The boys enjoyed playing at the park, and Seamus ran into one of his preschool friends to rapturous excitement on both of their parts. They’ve seen Frozen a couple of times, but I’d never seen it. I still haven’t seen all of it, as we left after 45 minutes. It was one of those moments that I was imagining when I had all these kids. An evening on picnic blankets, in the park with a bunch of friends. The weather really helped: about 67 degrees, no bugs. All was well, until we got home and realized that the keys to the house were no longer in the diaper bag. We found them in the stroller. Whew!

Then we all collapsed and slept in—but not by my definition of sleeping in! The next morning, Seamus and Gilbert were playing with their modeling clay and built a snowman, in honor of Olaf.

Do you want to build a snowman?
Do you want to build a snowman?



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