Back to Work

It seems crazy that summer is over. I’m back to work tomorrow, Porter is one month old, and Seamus and Gilbert start school the week after. I’m teaching two classes this term, chairing a committee, advising my students, and all the other things I do over the semester.

We got information about the boys’ classroom assignments on Friday. Seamus has the teacher who our neighbors across the street LOVE, so we’re excited for him. Gilbert will probably ride the bus to school with our neighbor. We’ve been working on packing lunches. Next week, Porter has his one month appointment, we have two meet the teacher days, and we’re hoping to go to Great Waves for one last summer sendoff.

Meanwhile, I have classes to teach, a revision to finish, a pump to get from Obamacare, and finish transitioning my dresser to work/nursing clothes from maternity clothes. Porter is growing out of his newborn and 0-3 month clothes and I need to transition his dresser too. It’s all part of the growing!

In short, life is busy and good. This will be a suspended week, and then our week of new stuff, and then we start our new normal! Wow.


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