Cape Cod Part Two

The vacation continued to be fun and relaxing, despite the fact that we had a young baby with us. Seamus and Gilbert really enjoyed Ridgevale? beach, especially the small stream that created tide pools and was pretty warm. They dug in the sand, played water tag, and collected shells. Gilbert and Grandma washed shells once they got back to the cottage. He ended up with a whole box of them.

On Wednesday, it rained, but that didn’t get our spirits down. We checked out the Cape Cod Natural History Museum, which was pretty interesting. The older boys were getting kind of tired, though, so we missed the aquarium. It would have been really cool to see, especially since Gilbert’s favorite part of the trip was going to the fish market and seeing the lobster tank. Seamus’s favorite was going to all the beaches and playing in and around the water. He’s a water boy. Next time, he wants nets to catch little critters in.

At the Natural History Museum
At the Natural History Museum

Patrick and I took all three boys to the beach one day. We brought a picnic and reminded S & G to not let the seagulls grab their PB&J sandwiches! Gilbert found a cup that he referred to as “treasure” but he had to give it back when the owner claimed it. He and I (and Porter in the Moby) walked along the beach. Gilbert built a sandcastle, and then he wanted to make sure no one would step on it. These two girls who were digging nearby came running over to tell him they would protect it for him and began energetically digging a moat around Gilbert’s castle. He said, “Thanks! That’s really nice!” Both boys kept calling moats, commodes. We thought that was weird. Porter loved the sound of the waves, and Nantucket Sound was just beautiful.

Seamus liked the games that had been left in the cottage. Patrick taught him to play chess, and he enjoyed the other games as well. But mostly, he enjoyed telling his opponent that he was going to send them “crying for your mama” when the game was over. The other highlight for Seamus was the night we went for ice cream. He was so pleased that his pick of strawberry was the prettiest and the best strawberry taste ever. Seamus also loved the short trip to lighthouse beach and was deeply offended when the parking was only for thirty minutes there.

Lighthouse beach
Lighthouse beach

Sometimes it feels like we didn’t do a lot, but then I look back and we were doing a LOT considering that we had a three week old with us, and two kids who still need an afternoon quiet time/nap. The driving was intense, but we got lucky on the last two days with all three boys napping at the same time in the back seat. Loved that. Porter was pretty done with his carseat halfway through the second day, but his brothers tried to keep him happy. Every time he fusses, Seamus says, “Mama, when was the last time he nursed?” That reminds me so much of Patrick when Seamus was born. We have to laugh.

The boys enjoyed the ability to walk down to a dock. One day they saw a slightly older boy catching minnows. One day, I bundled Porter in the rain jacket and walked with them in the drizzle. I wouldn’t let them on the dock that day, because how would I figure out who to save if one of them fell in? One day they sat on a kayak.

Kayak Fun
Kayak Fun

On our return trip, we stopped in New York for a family gathering. It was so great to see everyone and catch up. Porter has met a lot of his family in his first month of life. Gilbert and Seamus were in usual form. Seamus sat at the table forever like a little adult, listening carefully for nuggets in the conversation. Gilbert ate quickly and got up from the table. He was thrilled with Uncle John suggested they go harvest the garden! Porter slept through brunch. Family is fun–that’s why we made ours bigger.



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  1. So glad you enjoyed cape cod. Your visit with us was beyond fabulous. I wish we lived closer. We miss you and the boys already.

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