Cape Cod Part One

I assume there will be multiple parts to this, so I started with part one. I’m also typing this on the iPad, so forgive any typos. We left Friday and drove to New Jersey where we stopped in for dinner with Patrick’s cousins. It was nice to get in a quick visit, and the younger girl was quite taken with Porter, which was cute. Unfortunately, she was also taken with Seamus, and when he bossed her, she pushed him into the pool. No harm, no foul. We had plenty of dry clothes in the car!

On to the hotel. It was fabulous. However, Patrick and I had left early because I needed to pump and get Porter to bed. We entered the hotel to a chorus of folks who might have had too much to drink squealing over the baby. It was funny, because when we’re sans S&G people assume he’s our first, and want to touch him and give us advice, but we’ve been on this ride before. If we do this stop over again, I’m packing one bag as a designated hotel overnight bag, so we don’t have to bring in 9! bags of stuff. Patrick had to make one last trip to the car for Teddy, because Gilbert said, “I just can’t sleep without Teddy.” Super sad face.

The driving was tough, but we made it for a gorgeous weather on Cape Cod. So far, we’ve checked out the beach, a fish market with a big lobster tub, the pier where the seals hang out while boats are unloaded, the small airport and hanger, and the marsh pond and dock. We’ve played a lot of Trouble, Rat-a-tat Cat (a game they had here that Seamus is loving), and Patrick and Seamus are playing chess. He doesn’t seem to mind losing, since he hopes he’s learning and getting better.


On the beach!
On the beach!
Matching boys!
Matching boys!


  1. You are one of the bravest women I know — traveling with a baby so young and two others in toll. Yeah you! Have a good time. Good idea about the hotel bag with all necessities.

    Seamus learned a lesson about life having consequences. hahah

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