Whew. Patrick is in Albuquerque, but he comes back tomorrow. Not soon enough, but we’re all making it work. When it gets really difficult here, I remind myself that what he’s doing out there is harder. I was feeling a little inadequate, as in, “When Gilbert was born, I don’t remember being this wrung out.” But then I remembered, when Gilbert was born, I was up and about and doing all my normal stuff in about three days. I felt great. Seamus went to afternoon daycare five days a week. Sarah came two mornings a week. I had lots of time to play with the baby and rest, as well as time to work on the few projects I was still needing to finish and start at the time (dissertation and job search).

This week has been exhausting. Even though Porter sleeps pretty well, even though I’ve had help, even though my other children are older and somewhat self-sufficient. I have an article I need to revise by September 1. I had another to revise by August 15th, but I’ve had to face the reality that I’m not going to get to that. I could try, but I didn’t bring it home to work on. I guess I need to realize that work will always be there, and I’ll be back at it soon enough.

We have had fun, though. I’ve figured out the Moby wrap, Seamus and Gilbert have improved as swimmers, they played soccer and squirted water guns with friends. We’ve had good food. A recent highlight was a trip to Great Falls Park with my parents. There are three overlooks, and Seamus needed to determine the pros and cons of each overlook. It was so in line with his personality, he was like a caricature of himself.

On Friday, we head to Cape Cod for vacation. I’ve never been, but I’m looking forward to a change of scenery and some new adventures. This week will be short in the course of our lives, but right now, it seems long. I’m not wishing it away because Porter is so adorably small right now, and these are the last weeks before Seamus starts Kindergarten. Big changes ahead!



  1. Don’t miss having a beer with the locals at the Squire. My favorite hangout. Or, have some ice cream at the Chatham Creamery. I went to the Cape for 20 years. My home away from home. I always wanted to retire there and open a muffin shop.

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