Points of Comparison

Because comparing your kids to each other is totally best parenting practice…. “You should be more like your sister and try harder to look nice!”

At four days old, Porter is showing that he really takes after his big brothers. (Also, for a long time I joked to people that we were naming our third son Junior–in one way, that wasn’t a joke. His initials are PBC, the same as Patrick.)

Things we no longer worry about with the third baby:

  1. Spit up.
  2. Sleep adjustment.
  3. Dressing them for the day. But sometimes we do because it’s fun.
  4. Counting diapers.
  5. Counting/timing feedings.

We’re not going off the deep end–we still are putting him on his back to sleep and strapping him into his carseat before we go somewhere, but the parenting gig gets way more relaxed on the third.

And of course…a photo comparison.


I found the same activity gym at a yard sale down the street. It was well worth the dollar for photo continuity. And a friend gave me the bouncy chair model that had been the other boys’.

Porter's bouncy seat
Porter’s bouncy seat

Comparison Here.

We think he looks more like Seamus, but has Gilbert’s eyes. Of course, we also think he looks just like himself.



  1. I agree that he looks more like Seamus, but it actually is sort of a blend. At first I didn’t think Seamus and Gilbert looked alike at all, but I think they sort of do now, at least enough to be convincing brothers. Guess we’ll all see how Porter fits into the mix as they grow up.

  2. John said, in the photos, Porter looks like he’s passing judgment on the other two. I don’t think Seamus & Gilbert look alike at all. I think Seamus looks exactly like Patrick but with Leigh’s hair. I don’t care who Porter looks like as long as he has the wonderful demeanor of the other boyz. Everybody loves them. xxDenise

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