39 Week Visit

It’s easy to forget that I’m not actually past the due date with this baby. I think it’s because I have been on edge with the start, get strong, and then just stop contractions on four different evenings. Last night I was sure things were happening. He moved low and there was a lot of pressure and the contractions were strong, but they stopped after 2.5 hours. Yesterday would have been a good day for it. My parents arrived yesterday, and I’d spent a relaxing few days just enjoying life; I ate this delicious Vietnamese dish of clay pot tofu with lemongrass and chile for dinner. Seamus and I went for a long walk yesterday, at his request, as he wanted to lead me to the bike path and a few other places. I’m feeling very frustrated and exhausted.

Yesterday, I took the boys with me to my appointment. I wanted them to see where their brother will be born, and I wanted them to not be scared or nervous about it. I met one of the midwives for the first time (she’d been out on maternity leave). She was so gentle and patient with the boys, answering their questions and just letting them play on the floor of the office. Gilbert wanted to play with all the toys, and Seamus wanted to ask a lot of questions. It came time to listen to the baby’s heartbeat, so she let them get up on the chair, so they could do it. She engaged them with the gel (“It’s like toothpaste, sort of”) and explained that baby’s heartbeat would be much faster than theirs. Then after listening to baby, she let them listen to themselves and try to guess why Seamus’s was slower than Gilbert’s. It was a very good appointment. Also, I have an update on whether or not they will go to the birth center, in case you were wondering how that post turned out. I asked them, and they said they’d rather stay with Liz (or whoever was going to be with them). So no. I kind of forgot I could just ask them what they thought.

We went for a picnic along the GW Parkway afterward, as we were waiting to pick up my parents. They enjoyed seeing the sailboats and airplanes landing. We got in a quick swim at the hotel in the evening and then dinner. The last time we took the boys for Vietnamese, Gilbert wouldn’t touch it. This time, he ate more than I have ever seen him eat at a restaurant. He doctored up his noodle bowl, and I guess it was so delicious that he couldn’t stop. He even took a break, saying he was full, and then went back to it a few minutes later. I guess he’s a chef.


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