Sentimental Projects and Still Waiting

39 weeks today. The March of Dimes is begging people who have a choice to wait for 39 week babies. Their brains are bigger and things are generally better for them. I’ve been reading a lot on the internet, and then promptly forgetting it all.

We have finished all necessary projects and are now embarking on lots of unnecessary projects. I made a photo book called “Before We were Five” for us and the boys. It attempts to celebrate their lives and ours before we started adding more people to this crazy family. One hope I have is that, as my friend said the other day about her brothers, “When we get together, it’s a party. We don’t need anyone else.” Seamus and Gilbert do mostly enjoy each others’ company, and while you’d be hard pressed to call it a party, they do find their relationship entertaining. They like to ask if the baby is kicking me, and then if I say yes, to say, “Time out, baby! No kicking!” I think they really want to see another person in the family get time out.

Seamus has been asking the same questions over and over. It was driving me nuts. Finally, we found a solution. I said, “Seamus, it would be easier for me to answer these again if you would acknowledge that they are repeat questions. Please say, ‘Mama, I know I already asked this, but I forgot the answer, ______________?'” Ahh. It has made me more patient. Gilbert wants his bike seat raised, again. It’s going to be too small for him soon. At lunch, we had broccoli and angel hair; he was picking out the broccoli, which irritated me. First we joked that he would need a brick on his head to not grow so much. Then I told him that I didn’t need to use a brick at all because that would probably hurt. I could keep him from growing by just eating all his broccoli myself. Well, that took care of his pickiness today. Seamus was hilarious, whispering to Gilbert, “Don’t worry, Gilbert, you can still eat spinach and kale, and you’ll grow.”

The other project I worked on was compiling the videos I’d made on the iPad into a longer video of the boys. They absolutely love watching the video of themselves. I think it would probably be pretty boring if you were not directly related to them, but I’ll post it here, since it’s part of my sentimental projects:

Also, we combined all the area for electronics in the house and moved a smaller shelf into the baby room. That room is ready. All it needs is a baby. Probably the baby will come tomorrow, since it’s Patrick’s birthday, and my biggest thing has been, “Oh, you don’t want to share your birthday with the baby do you?” He claims not to care, but I would not like it, if it were me. If not tomorrow, then the baby will wait until after the 17th when my parents leave, just to find one more way to drive us all nuts. I think they each have a knack of devising a new way to make their parents a little less stable, but that’s just my theory.



  1. I love that video of the boys. Especially Seamus’s literalness: “you put the hat on and I’m going to steal it!” I hope you have some footage of you with the boys too. I’ve been thinking about you all as you get close to the time. Good luck with the last little bit of waiting! I hope the baby doesn’t wait too long.

  2. I enjoyed the video! It was especially fun to see you doing things with the boys that you and I did when you were a child — like the bubbles.

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