A Barrel of Fun

I was getting pretty excited with all those early labor signs. It turns out, I get to just wait longer. I am not a barrel of fun. Complaints maybe. If someone tells me to enjoy being pregnant, I might ask them what they are referring to. The eating? I can do that more effectively while breastfeeding. The sleeping? Ha! I am not sleeping. (This actually might be the part that’s making things not good for me.) Hanging out with people? I like having a little baby around. And once the baby comes, I have a definite timeline for getting back to yoga. Grrr. And I can go places again.

Anyway, we did manage to have some fun, despite my general irritation and out-of-sorts-ness over the long weekend. I would have liked to have gone places and done fun things with friends, but I didn’t feel up for much. The 4th of July ended up being a good time though, when we took the boys to the fireworks show at George Mason High School. We were able to walk, which we were particularly grateful for when it came time to come home and the traffic was snarled for over 30 minutes. The walk also meant that we could grab an ice cream on the way there. We thought we had timed it perfectly, but because of high winds, they delayed the fireworks for 45 minutes. People were leaving; we couldn’t figure out if we had somehow missed it. Finally, Patrick checked the city’s twitter page, and discovered the wind delay and the fact they’d be starting in two minutes. We wore light sweaters to the event, as it was actually a cool day. Seamus sat with me and started shivering, but he warmed up when I put my sweater over his legs. Gilbert sat with Patrick, because he was threatening to go to sleep. When the fireworks started he kept saying, “I’m so glad we stayed!” We traded kids right at the end, and Patrick asked Seamus to watch with his eyes, not with his mouth. This because one way Seamus keeps himself awake is to ask questions and then just keep a running monologue. Overall, they loved the fireworks, but they also loved our walk back home along the bike trail. It was really dark, and the fireflies were lighting the bushes and trees. It looked like our own private fireworks show.

They were up at almost their normal time the next day, so we were back at it. But we’ve had lots of fun playing with friends, riding bikes, swimming, and more. July 5th, Patrick took the boys on the tandem on the Airport loop, and I met them at Gravelly Point, where I picked up Gilbert, and Seamus and Patrick continued their ride. Gil and I stopped for an eyeglasses repair kit, which he was eager to help me with. It has enabled me to remove the safety pin from my glasses, so I suppose that’s something. I’m at work, so now, I’m going to be productive. Ciao.

Think quick baby thoughts for me. The Baby Catcher midwife says slow starters are fast finishers. I feel like this labor started a week and a half ago, so the end might as well be quick like lightening.



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