Some Fun Now

We’ve been having a pretty good summer now that I’m done teaching. Patrick reconfigured the tandem bike to fit both boys.

Three in a row
Three in a row

It’s pretty cute. They love riding and they say that they’re going turbo charger when Patrick tells them to kick it into high gear. He says Seamus can be moderately helpful. Mostly people love seeing them on this contraption, but if they go out riding during the “rat race” (rush hour), sometimes people get aggressive with them. I just don’t get it.

We went to Charlottesville and the lake last weekend. It was a little cold and stormy, but we did manage a visit to the spray park.

Spray park fun
Spray park fun

We’ve gone here at least once a summer since we moved. It’s been hilarious to see them grow and get more brave. After dog sitting, they both received Target gift cards, so they went and picked out some junk, and then they also got face masks for swimming. It has made all the difference for Seamus. He actually will swim without his floaties if he has the mask.

I have a lot of stories of funny things they’ve said and done, but I can’t think of a single one, because I’m a little tired and fuzzy this morning. See third babies are unpredictable. Or so the midwife say.

At 36 and a half weeks.
At 36 and a half weeks.

We have two birthday parties to go to today. Both featuring water, so the boys are dressed in their suits and are raring to go. But it’s 8:00, and we are not leaving for another 1.5 hours. Farmers’ market time?


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