Nice Weekend

We have had the best weather this summer so far. Low humidity. Low bugs. Just nice. I’m dog sitting this weekend, and I got up early to spin over and let the dogs out about 5:45 this morning. When I got back, my neighbor across the street was letting his dog out. He explained that he’d had a few tequila shots with his 22-year-old son last night. This morning, he was trying to decide whether to jog or just walk with the dog. I recommended walking–we’re not as young as we once were.

My friend visited this weekend, and yesterday we walked all over Falls Church, ultimately ending up getting a pedicure. Delightful. We played the game of LIFE after dinner, and it’s pretty foolish. Fun, though. We probably walked 6 or so miles over the time she was here, and I can feel my bones stretching apart getting ready for baby to come. Soon enough, he’ll be here. I’m 3-8 weeks from having another little boy in our lives. I’m anxious and thinking of all the good times for him to come, but I’ve got to just settle down and accept that he’ll probably won’t show up before his due date; it seems like a lot of third babies are late.

Patrick has the other two at the beach right now. He said they’re having a good time with the sand and water and pizza and rides on the pier. Or as we call it, the “Tourney towns.” It was Gilbert kept saying he wanted to do for his birthday, and we’re still not sure where the word came from. Other family-isms: “Calm down” a noun meaning the time spent with the boys after they’ve been put in bed for naps. Usage, “I want Dada to do calm down with us.”

Seamus and the bounce house.
Seamus and the bounce house.

Did you see all the crazy stuff on bounce houses taking off in high winds? Yet, as this article points out, there are many other things that are more dangerous for kids in the summer. Like this:

Gilbert and the kiddie pool.
Gilbert and the kiddie pool.

Drowning is much more of a threat. I didn’t notice until just now that these pics both have the boys poised to do something active. It’s so fun playing with them in the backyard, because they just love to go, go, go and do everything available. See where we moved the sandbox to the sun? It’s much more fun now, but we do keep forgetting to cover it when it rains, and that means it’s icky a bit.


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