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Camping Trip June 7, 2014

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When Patrick took the boys camping last week, I stayed home and got a lot of work done. I was so busy working, I didn’t even notice I was by myself. This weekend, he took the boys to the beach. I’ve been working, but I also took a 2 hour nap yesterday and went to a yoga class in the evening. My friend is also visiting from Harrisonburg, and I’m dogsitting until the boys get back to do the dogsitting work. I realized that I finally have enough people around me all the time that I can enjoy a 24-hour or so period all to myself. That is, until I realized that I’m not really alone when someone is kicking me repeatedly internally.

They had a good camping trip, though, and were looking forward to riding the ferry across the Delaware Bay this time.

Having some dried mango with the tent in the background.

Having some dried mango with the tent in the background.

They did all end up sleeping in the same tent. Patrick took lots of snacks to keep their energy and moods elevated. He said that they did get tired, so tired in fact, that they kept dropping the dishes after he would wash them, so Patrick rewashed each dish a couple of times.

A big hike.

A big hike.

It was a nice weekend with a lot of AT thru hikers, but they got out for some fun on the mountain. This is the part I wish I could have been there for. I like hiking.



Everything they brought home smelled like wood smoke. But you know what a campfire means, right?




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